Who are we and why choose us to film your special day?

We are Melbourne based wedding videographers here to capture your wedding day. We only shoot 15 weddings a year. We can run as a one or two man operation depending on the needs of your wedding day.

You will only find us from either weddings we have filmed and shared via facebook or vimeo.

We don't advertise on wedding sites as we don't want too much business coming through... I try to explain that to all those wedding advertising companies and they think I am crazy. Our google rank is page 6 so the fact that you are even here reading this means that somehow because of our lack of marketing - fate has brought us together.

Why do we shoot only 15 weddings?

We have seen many that have taken too many bookings and in the end the client gets a cookie cutter version as quality is compromised. Our aim is to deliver you something memorable that you will watch over and over for years to come.

Why choose us?

Our highlight reels stand out from the rest because we feel that a 3 min highlight does not say it all. Please see for yourself and understand that if you can watch these clips and feel as though you were part of their wedding day - imagine how you would feel if this was your special day.

We don't want to film for the sake of filming. We want to create something that is watchable. Something you will be proud to show off to your friends and family for years to come.

Why have a wedding film?

How else will you be able to show someone what actually took place on your special day?


I've said enough and now it's time for you to see whether we are worthy of  a phone call or a catch up to discuss further? If you do love what you see feel free to share us on your facebook page.

Thank you for your time.


Jason & Kristy - 21.09.2014

Sam & Diana - 07.06.2014

Paul & Sophea - 06.06.2014

Cihan & Jennifer - 12.04.2014

Matty & Amy - 16.02.2014

Edwin & Jennifer - 30.11.2013

Wilmund & Stephanie - 17.11.2013

Marc & Vij - 16.11.2013

Benny & Vivien - 09.11.2013

Marcel & Sandra - 03.11.2013

Victor & Wing - 06.10.2013


Christian & Linh - 05.10.2013



Will & Janet - 29.09.2013


Lucian and Rebecca - 14.09.2013

Daniel & Sheree - 23.06.2013

Benjamin & Yee-Ling - 31.03.2013

Adrian & Anita - 16.03.2013

Calebius & Deborah - 10.02.2013

Jason & Ally - 12.01.2013

David & Natasha - 05.01.2013

Cristian & Manuela - 02.12.2012

Kevin & Christine - 17.11.2012